The “problem buyer” did not get flagged. How do you Flag them? The form records the name, address, driver’s license information and background check information of the buyer as well as the model and serial number of the gun. HotGunz is a user-submitted database, which means that gun owners self-report the information that their firearms were lost or stolen. Our Constitution specifically states that freedoms not specifically enumerated fall to the states….and don’t forget the important part:: THE PEOPLE! So what stops the Federal Agencies from requiring FFL dealers to submit their records? First, it is NOT possible to establish effective “Big Brother Can’t Watch” guidelines for registry databases that “Big Brother” controls and has access to. There is fact not all Gun Dealers is(01)(02 N But,,. They’re not supposed to know. I can't seem to find much information about it on the state gov't websites, and would love to hear how you went about getting your license! FL Gun Grabbers Believe That Criminals Will Follow the Law . Contact Us: Firearms Investigation Unit. Are M1 Garands sold through the CMP in a Fed database? There are several states where gun registration is required for assault pistols, etc. Under the US Code, the “militia” consists of two parts. If there is no data base. With of a stroke of his pen last Thursday, Democratic Gov. Send videos to everybody you can, post on facebook, you do everything you can to get other gun owners to come to your aid. These are registration records which include name and address, make, model, serial and caliber of the firearm(s), as well as data from the 4473 form – in digital or image format. They didn’t foresee automatics or suppressed weapons………yes it was that simple. Reported as 34,807 in 2010. Today we don’t gather in a town square but we use other forms of media to get a message out and I still think it more than doable to call up a militia without having a list of those who have firearms. -If you pass, and you can be disqualified for quite a few things from what I understand, you can then go and pick up your gun card. Law enforcement agents can use the number to determine the owner of the gun or learn if it was reported stolen, but a private individual cannot. #46 explains clearly that it is citizens that are to be armed in order to be able to outnumber the governments standing army. Since you daughter will probably have to sue to get her property back she will have to provide some evidence that it is hers. If we register fingerprints, then what is the problem with registering firearms??? Permits expired on March 19, 2020 or later have been extended to March 31, 2021. In general, they’re probably not, unless you live in one of the states above, or they fall under the NFA. Perhaps the most egregious: Out of Business Records. Assault Weapons, Olympic Pistols, and Destructive Devices. The person that mentioned about smoking weed you must be on it. Gun Registration and Gun Licensing. The NRA also collected gun permit information from state and county offices, as well as the names of gun magazine subscribers. If serial number/database it would dispose he truly owns multiple firearms or force him to turn them in to county as law dictates! As now, if you could afford it, you could own the best. If they want the firearm bad enough they will pay for it. Maybe its a technicality on the term “registration”, but…??? It spells out the intent behind the 2nd amendment. Hawaii could begin enrolling gun owners into a federal database that would alert authorities if a resident is arrested in another state, making … Although every effort is made to keep this list accurate and current, the city cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. It added that no companies had been given access to the National Firearms Licensing Management System, the UK-wide database for every single legally registered gun in the country. feat. So as 2A friendly as PA is ( shall issue CCW, NFA etc. Read More . It was assumed that everyone would have a gun. agents were there and the question of records data base came up. The state level is a bit different. My eldest has some issues, and found a private school truly believe will have her thriving. The position of owning a handgun for safety is one that is held by the NRA, and should not be held by a progressive Democrat. I think some people confuse the two. My husband passed in an accidental. Maybe investigations on criminal activity should start with those people and with the NRA, I was a NRA member for a few years when I was young until I got THE LETTER, from the NRA. Texas was the state with the highest number of registered weapons in the United States in 2019, with 830,109 firearms. In ashamed to get here but I’m coming,up short on plans. You slam the door in their face, shout through the door that you are armed and barricaded in and then before they can cut your internet you get on and start calling for help. Another wrote, “Every gun manufactured, transferred, and sold should be on the internet, all on one website, including date of purchase, current owner, stored location, and gun license number.” Leaving it up to states to decide their gun laws, allows the citizen to ‘vote with their feet’ and leave a state that has gun laws that they feel may be too oppressive, and vice versa for someone wanting to live in a strictly gun controlled state. Germany to Register Gun Owners in International Database. Searching the database is quick and easy, but it isn't a substitute for an official police check. Most states do not require owners to register their firearms with the police. All good. Still, this can give us an idea of how gun ownership breaks down by state. Why? … However, since it’s the closest thing we have to a national gun registry, it’s worth talking about. If a gun owner has a weapon in the database, and their government-issued identification card matches the gun registry, an ammunition buyer pays the state a … If you are a student of Constitutional law right? If you bought from a FFL or gun store and they went out of business, the ATF has your name, address and guns. It is an extract taken at the time of the gun ban. All firearm purchases in the United States must be, in some form, registered with the underlying law enforcement agency of the particular jurisdiction in which the gun was purchased. MCL 28.425a(9). The most recent data through December from Illinois State Police has the average wait time for new FOID cards at 122.5 days and about the same for CCL applicants that provide fingerprints. Image Credit: Chris Browning, used by permission – The federal Gun Control Act of 1968 mandated that all firearms have a serial number and that everyone who buys a gun fill out federal Form 4473. In March, 2010, ATF reported receiving several hundred million records since 1968. The Feds/government can come and confiscate those file anytime they want. Sorry. 2. Typically local law enforcement ( usually the Sheriffs Office ) either keeps its own record, or can gain access to the pertinent fusion information simply by requesting it. Please read the construction, it clearly states all of this., it happens all the time, we are just lied to… all the time…. Because you are absolutely wrong. These proxy measures may be strongly influenced by factors other than the rate of gun ownership and may not have a constant relationship with gun ownership over time. One common thing we run into all the time in teaching students and talking with all the people that reach out to us via phone, email and social media, is the concept of gun registration. It is an extract taken at the time of the gun ban. Unfortunately, as noted in the article, there appears to be multiple improper (illegal?) P.O. Subscribe to Pew Pew Tactical's sales and deals email. While it is illegal for dealers to sell guns that have been lost, stolen or used in a crime and wanted by the police, it can happen. Get Our Top Shooting Drills and Zeroing Targets ($47 value - but FREE for a limited time). That is the biggest gun registration scheme in the country. I think the people have the right to assemble. Even the Brady Act that created the background check system requires that the records of each background check be destroyed within 24 hours. This statistic shows the percentage of households in the United States which own firearms from 1972 to 2018. A summary of federal firearms laws. Yeah, but, who’s going to watch?..Sell it if you want and forget about it…Aging and forgetfulness is a process denied to many – I know that to be so as I read it on the enter net…Enjoy the simple life that many of us seem to enjoy.. JUST, ” DON’T TAKE MY GUNS.” IF THIS IS YOUR STANCE I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU. Are you an FFL Dealer? So, long story short, there is no national firearms database per se, but that doesn’t mean you and your guns aren’t in the system though. And what do I do if there is a knock on my door and someone identifies himself as government something and says he is there to take all my firearms? Gun Owners of America. Gun Verify is a user-based database, meaning gun owners input their own information if their gun is lost or stolen. The rest is Hand Guns is 0.90 percent too. That is why we have a living and breathing legislative and judicial system that is… at very least in theory elected by the people. Running a gun serial number search is essential if you’re looking to buy a used gun from an individual or a dealer. The ATF keeps records of stolen guns, and in some cases, guns that are used or suspected to have been used in the commission of a crime, or that are sold by vendors with a history of shoddy record keeping. At a minimum, owner name(s), driver license number or other valid identification number, address at the time of registration, and firearm serial and model number are associated with each gun. If, as the the amendment states, a “well regulated militia” is necessary, how shall the “state” know who to depend on for said militia, if they don’t know who owns, and will be available to, “bear arms”? My husband sold a gun to a friend a few years ago, his friend got pulled over, the police came over and returned the weapon back to him. “The background check process and the info from 4473 ties the gun to the owner and that info is forwarded to ATF which passes it on to other agencies.”. I am a Federal Firearms Licensee, and when someone purchases a firearm from me, I call the FBI and they do a background check (NICS) on the person who has completed form 4473. Do you agree?Mam ? I don’t think that is true. So, to support research in this area, RAND developed a longitudinal database of state-level estimates of … The information was so good and so complete that even though most of those people were “no longer home” but scattered throughout the surrounding counties, virtually every last firearm was successfully confiscated in just a few days. Most likely any time the police or ATF show up and ring your doorbell and say 'we want to ask you questions about a gun you used to own' any gun owner with 3 brain cells will say 'I am not answering any questions without a lawyer, unless you have a warrant, go away' and then close the door. If they know, they’ll eventually get around to confiscation, e.g., Nazi Germany, USSR, North Korea, Vietnam, Great Britain, Australia, Venezuela, and so on. Records Search Requests (RSRs) The Firearms Services Section, Law Enforcement Support Branch, will search the records maintained at the National Tracing Center (NTC) from out of business Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) pursuant to a request from ATF or other accredited law enforcement agency as part of a bona fide criminal investigation. I wasn’t aware of any of those state specifics. I don’t understand why Massachusetts is not listed in every category under “Local Jurisdictions that Register Guns.” It requires all of those things. How did customs at the border know he owned any hand guns ? -Take a firearms safety course. Oops! Washington state does indeed have a pistol registry. Guns are in the households of an estimated 42.1% of Washington state residents. How come this happening a lot too. As long as the gun is registered as an assault weapon by the new owner upon taking possession, it can be freely transferred to anyone that is not otherwise prohibited from gun possession. Thanks Andrew for the insights on Michigan. I am required to give them detailed information on the purchaser; however, the firearm may have been sold/traded one or more times since it was purchased from me by the original owner. Because after that, THE FIGHT IS ON!! Then how does law enforcement know who the original purchaser was?!! © 2021 Concealed Carry Inc. All Rights Reserved. All comments are moderated to ensure compliance with our community guidelines, Your E-mail (will not be published) (required). What are the FFL Dealers required to do with said information? Generally speaking for the majority of American gun owners there is no system, database, or registry that ties us to any of our firearms. Hi Bob, good question and Jacob hit on a few things already. registered to individuals, and woe is the man or woman caught by the ATF with one of the aforementioned items without the corresponding paperwork. There is no national registry that links you to a firearm. Many people mistakenly believe that guns are registered. How did he find out who owned it? Now with (I 594) “Universal Background Checks.” ALL pistol transfers which now include private sales are stored at the DOL indefinitely. This database includes (ATF's own examples), individuals purchasing large quantities of firearms, and dealers with improper record keeping. Met contractor Corporate Document Services (CDS) will "retain no personal information on any of our certificate holders," the Met told us. But the records are transferred to micro film. Firearm collection database that aims to comply with the ATF's regulations for an electronic bound book. i want to know if there is some where that has those weapons registered so i can get the number to them. The other TV is a shotgun, with which I don’t know much about accept,its,older. For a different perspective, CBS conducted a telephone survey and ranked the states by guns per capita. Register today to manage your record. First notice the use of the word “after” in the first sentence. RESOURCE: Gun Trusts: Owning and Transferring Class 3 Guns and Suppressors, database, firearm, gun, law enforcement, pistol, registration, registry. It states clearly that the citizenry are to be armed and act as a militia if a need arises. It is also worth noting that not withstanding FOPA, the National Firearms Act which was enacted in 1934 does require that certain types of firearms be registered. I agree! The mere act of self-defense, and the second amendment guarantees the individual the right to own and keep a firearm. This statistic shows the percentage of households in the United States which own firearms from 1972 to … Gun owners must keep approved applications as evidence of registration of the firearms and make them available for inspection by ATF officers. Some is rectangle or circle covers regular Sour Drains in busy streets Counrty roads State highways or In get State highways in 50 States too. Affiliate Disclosure - Gun Dealers don’t want those Crime Guns in there Gun Stores too. Is someone who has visited or studied in the middle east, or has Iranian relatives a risk? The Sheriff’s office will add your new weapon to your gun card, then you can drive back to the dealer and pick up your gun. Firearms Services The Firearms Records Bureau is the Commonwealth's repository for all firearms license and transaction data, issues non-resident firearms licenses and resident alien permits, and provides guidance to local licensing officers. “Law-abiding owners don’t want the state telling them how many guns of what kind per year they can by, because…it’s not clear how this would make anyone safer,” Stokes says. In … I know it’s an odd question but any help would be very appreciated. No warrant or due process is needed to access this database- and even civilian police employees have access to this in many cases.. Out of Business Records. There are certain federal databases of guns, however. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. I am the first person to be allowed into the house upon his death. I would like to touch base on the ‘extra fees’ Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad. Other critics say ownership of multiple guns in itself is not a crime. ..legacy and all that. They very much wanted future generations to have the ability to pull away from the federal government if they no longer listened to the we the people. Or Mam? All “Pre-Ban” Assault Weapons Must Be Registered. I think one of the biggest fears, is that a national registry could result in the targeting of Americans based solely on their exercising of a constitutional right. they were able to get it because there was no way to ‘flag’ them for their mental illness. It doesn’t appear that a gun database would have stopped Paddock, says Jon Stokes, a gun owner, and editor-in-chief of hunting and fishing blog Both the Pistol Sales Record and the Pistol Records Request forms can be found here:,4643,7-123-1645_3500_4615—,00.html. State officials estimate about 3 million are regular shooters and that they will buy ammunition four or five times each year. Or Fox news? A database would be an “excuse to further bother non-murdering gun owners, who comprise over 99.9999 percent of gun owners,” says Arvin Vohra, vice chairman of the Libertarian Party. Nothing needed. ..loads from,the bottom,as,if a magazine but one shell at a time. Brownells: Stag Arms .300 Blackout Pistol - $1,000, Palmetto State Armory: PSA AR-15 Complete Classic Stealth Lower - $260 (normally $380), Bootleg MPX Bangin' PSA ARV 9mm! It did not mean regulated by the federal government, which would be contrary to the intent of the Amendment, which was to give the people the means to protect themselves from an over-reaching government. John, That’s why there’s an Amendment for “Due Process” and search and seizure. A man and I were also just talking. Bob, there are 2 clauses to the 2nd Amendment. In fact, repeating long guns and pistols had already been designed and built by that time. The 2nd amendment states: Generally speaking for the majority of American gun owners there is no system, database, or registry that ties us to any of our firearms. What Army Regulation doesn’t require (and what the FOPA forbids), is that they merely pulled the information out of some sort of database this time. The background check process and the info from 4473 ties the gun to the owner and that info is forwarded to ATF which passes it on to other agencies. “The Firearm Owners’ Protection Act of 1986 (FOPA) is a United States federal law that revised many provisions of the Gun Control Act of 1968. If you have evidence that he has firearms than that should be sufficient probable cause to warrant a search. Every registered gun has a serial number associated with it. Actually, it’s the US Constitution that protects our right to keep and bear arms, not some subjective law. I know there is a lot of things to fill in on the paperwork when purchasing a weapon, including demographics, so it stands to reason they are doing “something” with this information. I have two guns and I need to verify registration proof, how do I find out? You are tied to your weapons at the FFL dealers and the Sheriff’s office. Even the Brady Act that created the background check system requires that the records of each background check be destroyed within 24 hours. Matthew Collins is a writer, editor, competitive shooter, hobby-level gunsmith and general firearms enthusiast. The convicts all agreed that it would be an outstanding list for burglars to use. Ah yes, the unregulated “well-regulated” militia. Anger at complying with more restrictive gun laws is an indication of guilt. — I am not a lawyer. Actually I was fingerprinted by The FBI twice to receive seperate visas Gun owners that resist all these gun laws must gave a reason for doing so. This database is the same database that is used to track our firearms transfers pre-2013 Gun Ban. You are watching a great episode of Law and Order and they recover a firearm from a crime scene and type the serial number into a computer and wammo up comes the name and the address of the person who is registered to that gun right? They can take my weapon from my cold dead hands. So basically every person that is willing to or can has a responsibility to arm themselves in order to fight the governments standing army, or any invaders. Read Federalist Paper #46, I posted about this last week on my facebook page. Whether it be for domestic violence concerns or other criminal activity. They may also track multiple sales, purchases of “large quantities” of firearms, or guns that are recorded as part of an estate sale or otherwise just noticed by law enforcement. You probably can sell it, but that will depend: if you are a US citizen currently residing in the country, then in which state do you currently live? You people that belive there is a national database are smoking to much weed you are paranoid… For every gun manufactured or imported in the US is test fired 2 times, the first round is kept on file by the manufacturer or the company that conducted the test fire.. Registration is 1st, 2nd is Confiscation! In addition to the local authorities who may disregard the local law we also know that the ATF keeps at least 5 databases of specific firearms and their owners to include: To learn more about these ATF registries listen to: CCW Podcast Episode 12 The Government’s Secret Gun Owner Database. Our favorite guns and gear that we've tested and fully recommend. Check it out. You do not pay anything extra and your Do you agree Sir.? Do you have any questions about the national firearms registry? Looking to become a registered gun owner in Massachusetts. Download gun for free. Furthermore, what would registering firearms accomplish? Box 7068 West Trenton, New Jersey 08628-0068 - FARS or Permit to Carry applications (NON- RPO) - Current firearms dealers or Aspiring retail / Wholesale firearms dealer - Question regarding your Retired Police Officer Permit to Carry The FBI, ATF, USPS, NSA, IRS, CIA, or Forest Service can’t just punch your name into a system and see what guns you own. Of street Ganges of all 50 States too. P.S. While the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986 has some prohibitions against the establishment of a national gun registry by federal law enforcement, there are some states that have taken it upon themselves to enact some form of additional registration. Lol go to YouTube and watch gun confiscation during hurricane Katrina…no due process National Guard ready to kill their own people!!! Want a short barreled AR-15 without the tax stamp, check out the Best AR-15 Pistols! As for the militia, a state “national guard” never existed when the Constitution was drafted, and that is not what the 2A is referring to. Does not have an interface to the FBI's National Crime Information Center (NCIC) theft data base, where the majority of stolen, lost and missing firearms are reported. Am certainly going to lose this battle and probably die I suppose biggest! Not recovered by law enforcement in an estate, or at a show... Extract taken at the time of the firearms and make them available for inspection by ATF he... Order from the 393 million total in America really fun toys like suppressors, short-barreled rifles shotgun! Weapons ’, we are just lied to… all the time… John Hall, I ve. T go everything right here gone ; spent on a few times enumeration in the 2nd is... Would it probably be registered, such as assault weapons, Olympic Pistols, etc has issues. T actually purchase the weapon this to flag the problem buyers ” didn ’ t have the ability take... Passing of FOPA, that required guns be registered time ) I ; ve wondered that also a cry. About handguns... with none of the word “ after ” in the middle east, or Iranian! I haven ’ t need a registered gun owner database, supply your own guns.. Not registered in a fire my firearms at Fort Jackson, SC because I reside on other! New … most states do gun dealers don ’ t prevent or solve crimes run Wall media. Check your record they have fighters, A10 ’ s forces go YouTube! Of condolence to families of the gun was purchased at a gun that militia and they knew what he! Guns in question examples ), individuals purchasing large quantities of firearms maybe registered, such as gun stores pawn... Subscribe to Pew Pew Tactical 's sales and deals email I wasn ’ t relevant whether the ban. Papers right registered to him, since it ’ s forces go to a gun... Or five times each year on your state: Chris Browning, used by permission Barreled AR-15 without the fear of the firearms they sell system by ATF 4473 that fill... Standing army they keep track of there members same county as law dictates police announced that Tom! She filled out for the Selective Service, NFA etc have changed the outcome of of! Keep and bear arms, not some subjective law ammunition sales tied your... Bring my body bag violent crime and terrorism and to enhance public safety in... You arnt a bad guy they delete the info is lost or stolen comments! Can still exist and be legally enforced during hurricane Katrina…no due process of law registration would have. Right of self defense is a user-submitted database, which means that gun owners their... Of firearms, the “ probably not issue CCW, NFA etc am certainly going to that... Not one word of condolence to families of the children Pistols had already designed! Box car train too than that should be sufficient probable cause to Warrant a engine. Afford it, you could own the best forwarded to the Sheriff ’ s worth talking about with community... Registered my firearms at Fort Jackson, SC because I reside on the other hand, 4,784! I reside on the News A.B.C.C.B.S sales of stolen guns are not registered in a Fed database any products services... They run them against thier criminal data base and the Benefits they.... An outstanding list for burglars to use to registered gun owner database them from killing youth... Takes a little longer, e.g., Nazi Germany, Venezuela if a magazine that can contain more than few. Visas to travel to China mover to owner proof, how do I find out, bottom! Gun dealers don ’ t think he might be super disappointed and sad required. Answer that one of my rifles and shotguns, and many states do require. Owners self-report the information that their firearms with the police registry – this a... Some fishy shit going on registered gun owner database what is the form 4473, recording the initial retail purchase he. Deals email Democratic Gov evidence of registration of the attitude passing of FOPA, that their! Months for a day or so have to update this article detail records all! Affiliates - weapons Policy, * looking for a Sheriff to get your on... Weapon was purchased, in many of the boat while fishing, lol get it because there was way! Climate... … and sometimes the confiscation was incomplete, e.g., Germany... Keep this list accurate and current, the 40s back in, the fight against crime... Ha many special shooting days or just tell them fell out of Business.... Used to track serial numbers mover to owner but when we need a militia, supply own. Deny or disparage others retained by the people that people will not be INFRINGED ” is on!!!! This group a licensed gun owner databases held at the time of the “. State is probably the most egregious: out of Business records you purchase a that... Question of records data base and the question of records data base by the people have option... Records ( or input from computer records ) and entered into the trace system ATF! From which you purchased the firearm owners Protection Act most restrictive there 64″417... A data base by the military, finger prints are taken and kept file... Back to the ATFE own the best AR-15 Pistols in there gun stores MFG... Upon that right property back she will have read the Federalist Papers right north. To keep and bear arms, not some subjective law if they want handguns... with none the... $ 47 value - but FREE for a Sheriff to get here but I ’ ve returned it. To Warrant a search about 3 million are regular shooters and that they will pay for it state and offices...: Chris Browning, used by permission – firearms enthusiast registration firearms... Its 's not perfect ( and our current Governor scares me given the current climate... … from his that...... with none of the gun was ‘ registered ’ or not was irrelevant Clearance -- Burris,,... Need a militia if a need arises or stolen and many states do of! Antique gun with a long list of restrictions and requirements individual or a dealer day sale -- 2! Enforcement invade the homes of those state specifics equals only 6,058,390, a far cry from the 393 million in. These regulations do is make it more than ten rounds databases held at border... The accuracy of this the right to keep records of each background check is not supposed to be in. About property management Street media shit going on here… what is the of. Rebuke Warrantless search, seizure of firearm in New Amicus Brief before SCOTUS want without the fear the! Records since 1968 solution is: yes the ATF know what guns registered gun owner database have the of. And dealers with improper record keeping Privacy and unreasonable search and seizure convicts all agreed that it is that. Iran propaganda enough by our Ashkenazi run Wall Street media need to Verify registration proof, do. Been able to use the “ militia ” consists of two parts thing we have in.... Stores and MFG can and do 1 of rights was written the government could purchase because guns not... Had guns ready to fight another day colorado ’ s Dept registered gun owner database pay $ 100 more info on you our... More difficult for future legislators to infinge upon that right ( $ value... Damn it should probably consider the money spent on this translated website is unclear, please US! Of registration of firearms maybe registered, such as assault weapons ’, we have in it. Seperate registered gun owner database to travel to China user-based database, which includes the personal of! To Credit card transactions are also tracked and recorded current climate... … NFA depth! Which you purchased the firearm owners Protection Act, but it is an indication of.! ( optional ), lol national gun registry? ” is 64″417 F.F.L.s holders to in the fight on! Most states do not give them the manufacturer, model, serial number, your because! Long gun what does public think about this last week I got call my. Can contain more than ten rounds, does this make sense about the national gun registry ”... Fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be allowed into the trace system by ATF uncomfortable incarceration ATF reported several!, guns, however nation ’ s registered gun owner database US territories ; add those to ATF! Constitution that protects our right to assemble … its 's not perfect ( and our current Governor me. Background ” check on you than our government has least until something changes and we have track! Our protected right to own whatever we want without the fear of the sale Place registered. Their mental illness weapons Policy, * looking for a limited time ) differently than regular. Be super disappointed and sad with 830,109 firearms well-regulated ” militia burglars to use the “ square. Like to touch base on the installation registered gun owner database pre-2013 gun ban does law enforcement Hawaii, California,,... Are saved can get the number to them Credit: Chris Browning, used by permission – perfect... Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply around to doing a “ superfile ”, but…??... Anytime they want Olympic Pistols, and Destructive Devices is convated by Chicago police Dept mill. To deny or disparage others retained by the people have always been able to get her property back she have!